Services from Your Veterinarian in Gardner

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we offer  comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care. From wellness exams and preventative care to surgical procedures, we have your pet covered from nose to tail. As your pet's trusted veterinarian in Gardner, we're proud to play an important role in enhancing and maintaining their quality of life

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Wellness Care

The wellness care services offered by your Gardner veterinarians at Oakbrook Animal Hospital help to diagnose medical conditions in the early stages, when they are more easily treatable. Our wellness care veterinary services include a full physical exam. We also check your pet for signs of parasitic infection.

Comprehensive Exams

Our pet examinations are fully comprehensive, addressing all facets of routine care. We also assess your pet for signs of more serious issues so that a proactive treatment approach can be implemented.

Preventative Care 

Your Gardner veterinarians at Oakbrook Animal Hospital are aware of the immense value of preventative care. It is the key to health and longevity, and we make it a priority in our approach to Comprehensive Exams and Wellness Care.


We administer appropriate pet vaccinations on schedule to help protect your pet from serious illnesses and fatal diseases.

Allergies & Dermatology

Pets can have allergies just like people. Pet allergies can be related to diet, environmental conditions, or seasonal conditions. We help to diagnose and manage pet allergies. We also assist pet owners in making lifestyle changes that can reduce pet exposure to allergens.

Nutritional Counseling

Our pet nutritional counseling services help pets to maintain an ideal nutrient balance as well as a healthy weight. This can help to prevent chronic illnesses and diseases like diabetes.

Weight Management in Gardner

Our nutritional counseling, along with pet exercise tips and lifestyle advice, can help your pet to maintain a healthy weight.


Pets who have been injured or who undergo surgery may require rehabilitation services in order to become healthy again. 

  Cardiology Cardiovascular 

We offer Cardiology services that can help pets suffering from heart conditions and related issues to live as normal life as possible.


 Periodontal disease affects the majority of dogs and cats by age three. If not addressed, this can lead to a host of other oral and systemic health problems. The proliferation of bacteria, plaque and tartar can also result in organ damage and strain on the immune system. Regular dental exams and cleanings are the foundation of your pet’s ongoing health and quality of life. Our dental services include dental examinations, dental x-rays,  teeth cleanings, and extractions when necessary.

  Laboratory Testing Services 

 We have an in-house laboratory to help us diagnose pet health conditions. Providing testing in-house ensures rapid results, diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s condition. 

  Laser Therapy 

 Laser therapy is a non-invasive method of relieving pain and helping your pet to heal from serious injuries.

General Surgery

Our general surgery services include spaying and neutering. We also perform surgical wound treatment, foreign body extraction and tumor removal.

Oral Surgery

Many pets need to have diseased or fractured teeth removed. For pets who need to have a tooth extracted, we offer surgical extraction when required. All pet dental and surgical services include safe general anesthesia to ensure your pet’s comfort and a successful procedure.

Orthopedic Surgery

We offer orthopedic surgery for pets who suffer musculoskeletal injuries. 

Ophthalmic Surgery

Pets who suffer from eye conditions can lose their sight if they don't receive proper treatment. Ophthalmic surgery is used to treat selective eye diseases.

Microchip Service

By injecting a tiny microchip just under a pets skin, a lost pet can be identified by most shelters and veterinarians and ultimately reunited with its family. We offer safe, fast microchip services for cats and dogs.


When you leave town, your pet may need a safe place to stay. We offer expert boarding services.


Our Gardner grooming service helps pets look and feel their best. It is the best solution for addressing matted fur and to keep pets with heavy coats cool during the warmer months. We offer a range of grooming services that includes bath and brush, nail trimming, breed specific cuts, and more.

Critical Care

Sometimes pets have emergencies. Whether your pet is struck with a sudden illness, involved in an accident with a car or injured in a fight with another pet, timely critical care services can make all the difference. We make every effort to work emergencies in during office hours. For after hours care we recommend Blue Pearl Veterinary Service with 24 hour observation.

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Your Gardner veterinarians at Oakbrook Animal Hospital have a mission of helping your pet to achieve and maintain optimal wellness. Our goal is to ensure pets and their owners enjoy many happy, healthy years together. For pet vaccinations, pet dental, dog grooming and all other veterinary services, contact us at 913-884-8778. 


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