Pet Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care/Emergency Services with our Gardner Veterinarian

When your pet develops an emergency it evokes the same level of concern as if a member of your family has suddenly taken ill.  All due care must be taken to immediately seek help at the closest and best equipped Pet Urgent Care/Emergency Services facility such as Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner Kansas.

Veterinarian wrapping a bandage around a dogs leg

Overview of Emergency Veterinary Pet Services at Oakbrook Animal Hospital

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner we offer Emergency/Urgent veterinary pet services from skilled Veterinarians and our entire veterinary team. These emergency services include treatment of acute injuries such as cuts and bruises, eye and ear injuries/infections and severe skin infections. Other emergencies involve injured or torn nails, fevers greater than 103 degrees for cats and dogs, sudden loss of appetite or acute changes in behavior.

Additional veterinary emergencies treated are blunt force trauma, uncontrolled or excessive bleeding, and ingestion of known toxic substances. Other veterinary emergency pet services at Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner include treatment of swelling, hives and allergic reactions. Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, uncontrolled vomiting, deep cuts or wounds, broken bones or visible fractures can also be treated emergently at our veterinary pet services Animal Hospital in Gardner, KS. Also treated are conditions like heatstroke, car accidents, snake bites and foreign body ingestion.

What to Expect at an Emergency Pet Visit

A trip to Pet Urgent Care/Emergency Care veterinary pet services at Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner will be like a visit to a regular Emergency Room. When you enter our facility, there may be a wait as critically injured animals are treated first. It is important to give as much information as possible to our intake personnel especially for very sick animals. A triage assessment will be made immediately and if warranted your pet will be taken right away into the treatment area. Our Gardner Veterinarian will examine your pet to determine what urgent care is necessary. He will discuss any tests, X-Rays or treatment needed and will provide an estimate of the costs involved. If IV fluid is needed or blood tests are to be run, he will inform you in advance that your pet’s fur may need to be clipped. Payment is expected at the time of service, but we are extremely sensitive to the financial stresses of an emergency with your pet and so do provide the opportunity to apply for Care Credit to help defray the costs of veterinary pet services. We also accept pet insurance. If you receive pet services from another veterinarian, transfer back to your own Veterinarian can usually be accomplished the next business day after emergency admission.

Contact Our Gardner Veterinarian Today

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital, providing the best in emergency pet services for your pet in need is paramount. All proper care will be taken to provide a speedy and accurate diagnosis and immediate treatment and/or resuscitation if necessary. Call us immediately if your pet experiences an acute emergency and we will spring into action to render all appropriate emergency pet services. Oakbrook Animal Hospital is located at 500 W Main St, Gardner Kansas. Call us for any pet emergency needs during our business hours at  913-884-8778 for emergency during non business hours please contact Blue Pearl Emergency Center at (913) 642-9563 .


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