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Pet Skin Diseases Treatment From Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner

Dogs and cats are vulnerable to a wide variety of skin conditions. Even pets that spend little or no time outside are at risk for infection from parasites, wear from environmental conditions, or hereditary factors that can lead to unpleasant conditions. Fortunately, most common pet skin diseases are easily treatable and can be readily addressed with medication or simple changes to the pet's diet or hygiene routine. If your pet is showing signs of any of the skin conditions described below, contact a veterinarian at Oakbrook Animal Hospital for advice from one of Gardner and Johnson County's most experienced teams. dog in pain

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are one of the most common sources of irritation for both dogs and cats. These parasites can bother our pets not only when they first bite, but also with subsequent irritation from germs they may be carrying or from an allergic reaction to the pests. Many pets are specifically allergic to fleas' saliva, meaning that just one or two fleas can irritate them enough that they scratch off their fur or develop lesions. To effectively ward off fleas and ticks, consider using a flea collar or other protective product if they don't irritate your pet, and keep them out of thick brush if possible. Ticks can typically be removed using tweezers, and fleas can be expelled with thorough bathing; special shampoos to address fleas are available if the problem persists.


Ringworm is a fungal infection that can affect both humans and our pets and can be spread between species. It causes a round sore, typically no more than a few inches in diameter, which can grow and harden over time. The sores may heal on their own over time, but they can be effectively treated with a topical antifungal medication. The condition can also be prevented with common medication.


This common condition is caused by small parasitic mites which can cause dogs to feel extremely itchy, sometimes to the point of causing sores and scabs. Depending on the type of mite causing the irritation, mange can be either highly contagious or very difficult to spread. Mange is treated in a variety of ways depending on its cause, and the course of action may include a combination of shampoos and medications.

Dry Skin

Many pets can develop dry or itchy skin without any particular affliction to blame. However, this is sometimes a sign of a dietary deficiency. Common causes of dry skin include low humidity, dehydration, and a lack of healthy oils in the pet's diet.

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