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Pet Nutrition in Gardner

Good health for Gardner pets starts with the foods you feed them. When you provide nutritious and healthy food options, your pets stay healthy and maintain the correct weight for their breed and size. Our veterinarians in Gardner can help with your search for the right foods by giving you the information you need to make an educated decision for your dogs and cats. At the Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we suggest feeding Hills Science Diet to your pets for proper nutrition at any age.

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Pet Nutrition at Different Stages of Life

A key consideration for any pet is their age when making appropriate dietary choices. A puppy or kitten has different nutritional needs than an adult pet. You also need different foods for senior pets due to their changing physical bodies. By ensuring that you evaluate your pets needs based on a their age and health, you avoid giving your pet inadequate nutrition.

Ideally, you want to focus on foods in specific age groups. Hills Science Diets specify different age groups by young pets, adult pets and senior pets. Allow our knowledgeable staff to help you make the right decision about a specific food for your pet.

Why is Pet Nutrition in Gardner Vital for Pet Health?

Pet nutrition in Gardner is vital for your pet's health because it forms the foundation of their well-being. Dogs, cats and other pets have specific nutritional needs that differ from humans. You may need to ensure that a cat gets more protein in their normal diet. Use caution when identifying appropriate caloric intake for your pets. You also want to ensure that your pets do not get too many carbohydrates, which are commonly found in many low-cost pet foods.

Read the nutritional guidelines to determine the amount of nutrients and vitamins in the food. Avoid any foods that primarily contain carbohydrates when feeding a dog or cat. Instead, opt for a protein rich meal plan that maintains your pet's muscles and strength without added calories.

Assistance from Your Gardner Veterinarian

The experienced Gardner veterinarians and trained technicians at Oakbrook offer the information you need to find the right foods for your pet. We evaluate your pet's specific needs and recommend different foods based on their health, age and breed. We may suggest variations between pets due to differences in size, breed and health. Our veterinary health care team can also help with specific medically related dietary needs.

When you want to encourage weight loss or weight gain in a pet, discuss those concerns with your veterinarian. We will help you make appropriate changes to your pet's diet for the results you expect. We also evaluate potential complications when your pet has special dietary needs due to an ailment, an allergy or other complications.

Contact Your Veterinarian in Gardner Today

Nutrition is the foundation of your pet's health and you want to select the right food options for your pet. At Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we help you determine the best choice for your pet based on their specific needs. To learn more about pet nutrition, call 913-884-8778 today.


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