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Discover Pet Microchipping at Oakbrook Animal Hospital

A pet microchip is a small device that is implanted just under the skin for the purpose of identifying a pet and its owner information when it is lost. Each chip comes with a unique number that is used to identify your pet if and when it is scanned. It operates on a radio frequency that can be scanned with the corresponding wands that vet's offices and most animal control shelters have.

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What are the Benefits of Microchipping Pets?

The most obvious benefit of microchipping a pet is that lost pets are found and returned to their owners. Beloved pets can be separated from their owners during vacations, in the moving process, or during an afternoon outing at the park. When that separation occurs, there is no sure way of knowing where that pet is from or who it belongs to, especially if there is no identifying information on the collar. In other cases, the collar can be lost, leaving concerned individuals without a way to reunite the pet and its owner. Those pets who have been microchipped with the Home Again program used by Oakbrook Animal Hospital, can be identified by their chip and reunited with their family.

Returning Stolen Property

As much as humans know their pets have minds and personalities of their own, the law defines a pet as property. There have been some cases where thieves took a pure breed pet to sell and were brought to justice because the pet had been microchipped. Using the microchip, police were able to contact the owners and reunite them with their pets. They were also able to collect enough proof to charge and convict the thieves of their crime.

Peace of Mind

Whether a pet runs out the door while the postal worker is bringing in a package or someone breaks into a home to take the pet, a microchip can provide peace of mind when your four legged family member is lost. Animal control facilities, veterinarians, and most animal rescue groups have the equipment to scan for microchips to reunite the family with their furry family members. During the time of separation between a pet and its owner, the microchip can be a source of hope and comfort.

Pet Microchipping in Gardner and Olathe, Kansas

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Pet Microchipping FAQs with our Gardner Veterinarian

At the Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we will happily microchip your pet. Interested in learning more about this helpful and handy service? Keep reading to find out some of our frequently asked questions.

What is a microchip, and how does it work?

A microchip is a tiny implant (not much bigger than a grain of rice) that contains a digitally stored identification number unique to your pet. It's sort of like a permanent ID tag implanted just beneath your pet's skin. When a microchip is scanned by a microchip reading device (most animal shelters and veterinary hospitals have them), the database registry linked with the microchip will be notified that the chip has been activated. This allows the database registry to access your contact information (linked with the unique ID number in your pet's microchip) and let you know your pet has been found. 

What are the benefits of microchipping? Why should I bother? 

The reality is pets get lost and collars fall off. A microchip will drastically increase the chances of reconnecting with you and your pet in the event that he/she goes missing for any reason. Microchips don't act like GPS devices, but they do increase the rate of recovery compared to animals who aren't microchipped. Sadly, thousands of missing animals every year are relinquished to animal shelters and never reunited with their families.

What should my pet and I expect at an appointment for microchipping in Gardner? 

When you arrange an appointment with a veterinarian in Gardner to have your pet microchipped, we'll be sure to let you know when to arrive and if your pet is due for any other routine exams, vaccinations, or tests). We'll also answer any questions you have and set up any follow up appointments for any other health concerns.

Your pet will not need to be put under general anesthesia to have the microchip implanted; it can be injected via a needle (one slightly larger than a standard needle used to inject medications). However, it is possible to implant the microchip when your pet is already under anesthesia for some other reason (such as a spay or neuter surgery), and they won't feel a thing!

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