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Pet Grooming in Gardner

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital, our staff and pet grooming team want your beloved pet to look good as well as feel good! That's why we're proud to offer premier Gardner dog grooming and cat grooming services for all sizes and breeds.

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Worried about how your pet would do during a grooming session? Our staff loves what we do and we offer experience, compassion, and excellence in care to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible when in our grooming salon.

Top 3 Reasons to Seek Pet Grooming In Gardner

Think your pet only needs to visit a groomer when it's gotten into something messy? Think again. There are actually several reasons why you should take your animal companion in for pet grooming in Gardner:

    1. Professional grooming keeps your pet looking its best. We help bring out the natural beauty of your animal's breed.
    2. Professional grooming also keeps your pet feeling its best. Unkempt fur and hair can lead to uncomfortable health problems including matted hair and skin irritation. Additionally, our groomer spends a lot of time carefully inspecting and evaluating the health of your pet's coat and skin. We're more likely to detect a potential health problem like fleas or skin infections and can connect you with our veterinarian in Gardner KS.
    3. Lastly, professional grooming helps the shedding in check! Regular bathing and brushing stimulates circulation in the skin, which helps remove excess hair and fur, and helps control the natural shedding cycles that your pet may go through every year (especially if it has an undercoat).

Of course, not all animals have the same grooming needs. Depending on your pet's specific breed, health status, and coat and skin type, it may require more or less frequent professional grooms. Our groomer, with over 20 years in the business, will happily get to know you and your pet so that she can determine what type of grooming schedule is right for your beloved pet.

Dog & Cat Grooming In Gardner: Services We Offer

Why try to groom your pet yourself when our kind and professional staff can do a more efficient and effective job that's affordable and beneficial to your pet? We offer a variety of specialized grooming services that will keep your pet looking and feeling healthy, including:

      • Nail trimming
      • Ear cleaning
      • Natural care services, including oatmeal shampoo baths
      • Bath and brush
      • Breed standard cuts 
      • Stand drying, perfect for drying animals with fluffy coats

Your cat or dog will leave our facility smelling great, looking beautiful, and feeling fluffier than ever!

Looking For Cat & Dog Grooming In Gardner You Can Trust? Visit Our Groomer Today

Pet hygiene is important for many reasons. If you're a Gardner, Edgerton, Olathe or Spring Hill area pet owner in need of an experienced cat or dog groomer in Gardner, then call Oakbrook Animal Hospital today at 913-884-8778.


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