Pet Behavior Counseling

Behavior Counseling Now Available for Your Gardner Pet

Do you feel as if you may at your wits end with your dog or cat? From chewing to jumping, from excessive barking to growling, we know that sometimes your pet's behavior can be frustrating. Don't give up on your furry family member. Call us at Oakbrook Animal Hospital to discuss behavioral counseling for your pet. We serve patients in and around Gardner with the best in veterinary care. 

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What Is Behavioral Counseling for a Pet?

Behavioral counseling for pets is a service that is provided by a professional with specialty pet training to help address your pet's specific behavior issues and help them learn better ways to act. If your pet needs behavioral training, we will help you decide the best way to go about treatment to get the results you need for a healthy relationship with your pet. There are three main options for behavioral counseling. Group classes are for very basic training such as socialization and basic commands such as sit. Private classes are for a dog or cat that may have more complex issues and needs one on one time. There we will help diagnose the cause of unwanted behavior and begin to train it out. Day boarding and training is a great way to distract and train certain behaviors out of your pet. It is ideal if your dog is misbehaving because he is lonely while you're at work, since it keeps him distracted. 

The main goal of behavioral counseling is to bring peace between you and your pet. A good pet trainer will do this by addressing the root cause of the unwanted behavior and going from there. If you are feeling frustrated, don't give up on your pet, call us. 

Is This Veterinary Treatment Effective to Modify Extreme Behavior? 

In extreme situations like biting or aggression, behavior counseling can be effective. If we can find out the cause of your pet's anger or fear that leads them to bite, then our trainers may be able to help them heal. If your pets have shown aggression, do not give up on them, but also keep them separated from anyone they may harm for their safety and the safety of others. 

Contact Us to Discuss Your Pet's Behavior and Schedule an Appointment 

If you have been concerned with your pet's behavior, or if you would simply like assistance in training a particular habit out of your pet, contact us to see how we can help. At Oakbrook Animal Hospital we want to help foster a healthy relationship between our pet patients and their family because we know this means happy, healthy lives. If you are having any concerns with your pet’s behavior, call us today at 913-543-4248. We are your Gardner veterinarian for all of your family's needs. 


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