Pet Arthritis

Pet Arthritis Treatment at Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner KS

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner, KS, your pet’s health is our top priority. Just as arthritis can cause debilitating pain in us, the same can be said for your cat or dog. The painful condition affects nearly 30% of cats and dogs each year. Our veterinary staff can diagnose and alleviate the discomfort caused by the disease.

Pet Arthritis

What is Arthritis in Pet?

Arthritis in pets is the same in humans. It is a deteriorating disease that affects the joints where the cushioning that we have between our joints start to wear always. This is mostly due to just the wear and tears of aging. Hip dysplasia found in Canines is also a risk factor in developing arthritis. While arthritis is commonly linked to aging an earlier injury, your pet may have had can also be a risk factor of developing arthritis later.

 Common Sign of Arthritis in your Pets

While our pets can’t come right out and say that they hurt, this makes diagnosing arthritis in pets and catching it early on somewhat difficult. Our veterinarian can see the signs that you might miss. Here are some early danger signs to watch out for in your pet.

  • Slower Movement

        Is your pet moving a bit lethargically? Acting hesitant in performing things they ordinarily do? For example, in cats, they like to jump and climb. If you start noticing they have started to act hesitant when jumping and climbing it could be a sign of arthritic problems.

  • Tiredness

         Due to arthritis, your pet may start to tire more quickly due to walking or any activity because it is becoming more painful for them. You also may observe them napping a bit more than usual too.

  • Irritability

         You might have wondered what has gotten into your pet. They have never nipped at you before. It could be due to whatever handling you have done caused more pain for your pet.

  • Increased Licking or Biting

         If arthritis is affecting your pet, they may lick, chewing or bite the area that is affected more. The problem is this might cause more damage such as inflamed skin or hair loss.

  • Weight Gain

          Notice your pet is putting on the pounds? Their activity decreased? Could be signs your pet is in pain.

Treatments Are Available

While arthritis has no cure, there are numerous new treatments available to veterinary clinics, but here at the Oakbrook Animal Hospital, we know your pet is family. That is why we specialize in chronic pain management for your pet as well as orthopedic surgery if needed.

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