Lyme Disease Treatment

Oakbrook Animal Hospital Offers Lyme Disease Treatment

Lyme disease is a condition that is caused by a bacterium called “Borrelia Burgdorfi,” which can be transmitted to a dog through the bite of a tick. Initially, the symptoms can be vague, but the disease can cascade to a variety of health issues. Regular use of flea & tick control products can prevent the transmission of this disease. At Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner, KS, we offer Lyme disease treatment, to help your pet stay healthy and active.

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What Is Lyme Disease?

The spiral, worm-like bacterium that causes Lyme disease lives in the bodies of ticks, primarily deer ticks that reside in forested, swampy or grassy areas of the country. When a dog receives a tick bite, the bacterium is transferred to the animal. The bacterium then reproduces and migrates to various organs. The disease can cause a variety of symptoms, which can sometimes be deadly. Kidney impairment can occur if the disease is not treated.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

You may notice that your dog is not eating well. They may run a fever or seem lethargic and less willing to play. He or she may exhibit lameness, either continuously or intermittently. They may show signs of joint pain, groaning when arising or being reluctant to go for daily walks. The joints may appear swollen and tender. These symptoms should prompt a visit to the vet for further investigation.

Diagnosing Lyme Disease

Two different types of blood tests are used. One types of tests for a specific antibody that occurs as a reaction to the presence of the bacterium. Another test looks for the specific DNA of the disease-causing bacterium. Unfortunately, false negatives can occur with these tests. Your veterinarian will be able to properly diagnose your pet using either of these blood tests.

Treatment of Lyme Disease

If your dog tests positive for Lyme disease, the vet will prescribe a course of antibiotics, given over several weeks to eliminate the bacterium. Sometimes, the bacterium resists this measure, and treatment must be continued over a long period of time. However, relapses do occur that may require treatment.

Make Oakbrook Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian in Gardner, KS

Dr. Buckley, Dr. Garten and the team at Oakbrook Animal Hospital have many years of experience caring for animals in Gardner, KS and nearby communities. We offer a full range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, flea & tick control, diagnostics, surgery, laser therapy, boarding, and grooming. Call Oakbrook Animal Hospital today at 913-884-8778 for an appointment to have your pet tested for Lyme Disease and to learn about current treatments. 


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