Laser Therapy

Laser Therpy and its Benefits for Pets

There is nothing worse than watching your pet suffer from pain. Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to help relieve your pet’s pain in Gardner-laser therapy from Oakbrook Animal Hospital. Most treatments only take a few minutes and depending on the condition being treated, some conditions can be treated in a single session, while others may require several sessions. Your veterinarian at Oakbrook Animal Hospital will discuss with you the best treatment plan for your pet.

What is Laser Therapy?

During your pet’s laser therapy treatment in Gardner, the veterinarian will use a laser light beam that penetrates into the tissue. The laser energy creates a biological response that reduces pain, reduces inflammation and increases healing. The laser is a handheld device that is used in close proximity so everyone has to wear protective eyewear, but your pet will not feel any pain; only a warm, soothing sensation that often causes pets to relax and even fall asleep during the procedure. Laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that generally provides immediate relief of pain.

What is Laser Therapy Used For?

Laser therapy provides a wide range of benefits for your pet, including:

  • The production of natural pain relievers-laser therapy increases your pet’s natural pain relievers, which ultimately allows their body to feel the relief of pain as well as give their body as a chance to focus on cellular repair that helps them feel better.
  • Increases production of cellular energy-the cells in your pet's body are responsible for a wide range of functions and the majority of these cells require energy. Cells get their energy from food molecules or from sunlight, which is why laser therapy is beneficial for increasing cellular energy.
  • Increases the production of collagen-collagen is a protein and the prime building material for the renewal of cells in the body, including teeth, hair, skin, eyes, bones, tendons, organs, arteries and blood vessels. Production of collagen is essential for the healthy growth and regeneration of damaged cells.
  • Promotes cellular regeneration-regeneration is basically a cell's ability to repair itself and maintain their original state, ultimately relieving the pain and inflammation resulting from injury and illness.

Compared to other pain relieving options for your pet, laser therapy provides the most benefits. It is an all-natural source of treatment, so there are no drugs or surgery required to help your pet heal. Laser therapy treatments do not require sedation or restraint and there are no incisions required. Laser therapy is an ideal treatment by itself or when used with other treatment options. There are little to no side effects.

To learn more information about laser therapy in Gardner, contact your veterinarian at Oakbrook Animal Hospital.


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