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Laser Pain Management FAQ

Discover the Pain Relief and Healing Available for Your Pet in Gardner With Laser Therapy

If your aging or injured pet is having trouble with chronic pain or reduced mobility it may be a good idea to bring him in for an appointment at Oakbrook Animal Hospital for Laser Therapy. Our laser therapy treatment reduces swelling, increases circulation (healing), and is pain-free at the time of treatment. If your furry pal in or around Gardner needs this treatment to call us today. 

laser pain management

Common Questions About Laser Therapy Pain Management With a Veterinarian

  • How does laser therapy for pets work? Laser therapy for pets works just like it does for humans, light at a certain wavelength is targeted directly on the injured area. These power waves cause a physical reaction in the cells that then cause increased flow into and out of the cells on the smallest level as well as increased blood flow and circulation in the area. According to PetMD, this therapy has been proven to help many conditions.
  • Is my pet a candidate for this therapy? Most pets qualify for this therapy. However, pregnant pets and certain tumors can pose certain risks. When it comes to certain types of tumors, the increased circulation can actually cause growth, and the risks are not completely studied for pregnancy. 
  • Does the treatment hurt? No, the treatment is completely pain-free. In fact, your pet is able to lie down in a comfortable position while the vet uses a handheld device to deliver the laser therapy to the needed area. If your pet has a comfortable relationship with the doctor he will likely just lay back and enjoy the attention. While the treatment itself is pain-free, keep in mind that precautions will be taken to avoid looking directly at healing lasers.
  • How long does it take?  A laser therapy session time can vary depending on the strength setting of the laser, and the wound being treated. Some treatments need to be repeated for several days or even weeks depending on the response and severity of the condition. 

Call us Today to Schedule Your Pets Appointment At Oakbrook Animal Hospital!

Contact us at Oakbrook Animal Hospital to discuss your pets options for pain relief and wound healing. Our veterinarian and staff are here to answer any questions and help you begin a therapy program to improve your pet's overall health and wellness. Call for your pet's appointment today, 913-884-8778.  


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