Flea & Tick Prevention Tips

Flea and Tick Prevention FAQs with our Gardner Veterinarian

Dog scratching because of fleas and ticks

Fleas can strike just about any time of the year, although they are more prevalent in warmer months. Ticks prefer cooler weather and are not as prevalent during extreme weather months. If a problem with fleas is not addressed efficiently, they can infect the entire household, reducing cleanliness and quality of life for both pets and their owners.

Your Gardner veterinarian at Oakbrook Animal Hospital is your source for key information about tick prevention and tick medicine. We assist with flea and tick prevention finding the best medications for your pet. Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding tick and flea prevention: 

How can I prevent my pets from getting fleas or ticks? 

Ticks live in tall grass, in shady areas and near rotting wood. They prefer cooler temperatures and there are fewer of them in the warmest months of the year. Fleas are generally picked up from other animals, but also live in damp parts of the grass. Keep animals clear of these areas as much as possible. Ask the veterinarians at Oakbrook Animal Hospital for their professional recommendation for effective flea and tick control products for your pet.

How can I tell if my pet has an issue with ticks or fleas? 

The most obvious sign of a pest problem is persistent itchiness and scratching. Fleas also leave reddish droppings that can appear where they sleep or in the pets fur. Fleas are small but can at times be seen hopping on or near the animal. Ticks are considerably larger and will try to embed their heads into the animal’s skin. Move your pet’s fur and check the skin closely to look for ticks that might have embedded themselves. 

How can I get rid of ticks and fleas? 

Flea shampoos can cleanse your pet but flea medication from your Gardner veterinarian is essential for flea prevention in the future. Tick medicine from your veterinarian in Gardner can help with tick prevention, but if a tick becomes embedded, it must be removed carefully. Try to get the tick to back out on its own by bringing a strong-smelling substance near it, such as nail polish remover. If you continue to have trouble give us a call at Oakbrook and we can assist you.

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