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Common Pet Emergencies & What to Do

Common Pet Emergencies & What to Do

At Oakbrook Animal Hospital, our Gardner and Olathe veterinarian team wants every pet owner to be prepared for a pet emergency so that their cat or dog has the best chance possible of getting through the situation. Understanding your pet well is key, since you'll be able to recognize early warning signs and unusual behaviors that may indicate a problem. Our staff encourages you to also call us with any questions or concerns, no matter how small!

10 Common Pet Emergencies

Pet emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. Here are some of the ones we evaluate and treat most often at our animal hospital in Gardner:

  1. Diarrhea and vomiting

  2. Breathing problems

  3. Choking

  4. Bloat

  5. Seizures

  6. Allergic reactions, including insect bites and skin reactions

  7. Accidental poisoning due to ingestion of a toxic substance

  8. Electrocution and burns around the mouth, often caused by chewing electrical cords

  9. Being hit by car, falls from heights, and other types of trauma, often resulting in bone fractures and internal bleeding

  10. Hyperthermia (excessive body temperature); often due to an animal being left in a poorly ventilated enclosed space on a hot day

What to Do in a Pet Emergency

We know pet emergencies can be scary, but our Olathe and Gardner veterinarian team wants you to know that we're here for you in you and your animal's time of urgent need. The first thing you should do during a pet emergency is to ensure that both you and your animal are out of imminent danger.

Next, call a veterinarian in Gardner. Our staff can help you figure out what to do based on the situation you're describing and your animal's symptoms. Most likely, we'll ask you to bring her in for us to evaluate and treat her as necessary.

Need Emergency Assistance? Contact Us Right Away

Do you know or suspect that your pet is experiencing a medical emergency? Faster assessment and treatment can often mean the difference between life or death, so don't hesitate with any questions. Call Oakbrook Animal Hospital today at 913-884-8778.


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