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​5 Winte​r Holiday Pet Hazards

5 Winter Holiday Pet Hazards

The holiday season is a busy time for all of us. Unfortunately, it is also a time when pets can be prone to accidents. Your veterinarian in Gardner Oakbrook Animal Hospital wants your pet to stay safe and happy all winter long. Avoid these 5 all too common pet hazards that can occur during the holiday season: 

1. Chocolate    

While all chocolate should be off-limits for pets, baker’s chocolate is the most highly toxic. The combination of caffeine and theobromine are what makes it so dangerous for pets. Generally the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it will be. 

2. The Holiday Tree 

Animals tend to be very curious about the Christmas tree. Both cats and dogs will likely sniff it and could paw at it. They might even help themselves to an ornament or two, which could pose a choking hazard. They could pull the tree over, causing a potential fire hazard due to the lights or if there are lit candles around. Do your best to anchor the tree firmly and ensure the lower ornaments are securely fastened to the tree. 

3. Poinsettias and Other Seasonal Plants 

A number of holiday plants are toxic to pets, including poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, Christmas cactus, cedar, pine, and balsam. Your Gardner veterinarian recommends that you keep them well out of the reach of pets. 

4. Onions, Garlic and More 

The holidays are known for an abundance of rich, delicious foods. However, you should take extra care to ensure your pet doesn’t help themselves, especially to foods with onion and garlic. Grapes and raisins can also pose a health risk, as do greasy and rich foods or foods with artificial sweeteners. Also, never give pets alcoholic beverages. If you give them a sample of meat, take care that there are no bones they can choke on.  

5. Foil Wrappers 

Whether it’s from a food item or wrapping paper from a gift, metallic wrap can be appealing enough to your pet that they will try to eat it. This can pose the risk of dangerous puncture wounds in their esophagus and gastrointestinal tract, so keep foil away from pets. If your pet eats foil, take them to your veterinarian in Gardner right away.

Learn More About Pet Safety By Calling Us Today

The holidays are a busy and sometimes stressful time, but don’t let your pets get lost in the shuffle. Take extra precautions against these five winter holiday hazards. However, if there’s ever an emergency, contact your Gardner veterinarian and Olathe veterinarian Oakbrook Animal Hospital for assistance.


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