Annual Wellness Exams

Annual Pet Exams Are Critical to the Life of Your Pet

Most pet owners understand the importance of providing their pets clean water every day, quality food to eat, and spending the time necessary to make sure their pets have good social skills. Recent studies conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association have shown visits to veterinarians have declined in recent years. The statistics are startling considering the number of pets in the United States has increased by greater than 37%. Here at the Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner, our veterinary team stresses the importance of regular veterinary care. Annual check-ups with a veterinarian are the only way to ensure the health of your pet. Here is some information regarding pet exams and why they are so important.

Prevention and Maintenance of Health

Pet exams expand upon what pet owners can do at home. Pets benefit from preventative care the same way that humans do. Annual pet exams are the best way to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy. Pet owners can do things like checking their pets for lesions on the skin and ensure that if they have a minor cut or a scrape they take care of it at home, however, blood work and annual exams are two things that cannot be performed by the pet owner. In addition to that, if a mass or tumor is present, a veterinarian has the knowledge and the skills to be able to determine the best course of treatment.

Variables Determine the Frequency

In regard to determining how often your pet needs an exam, there are a number of variables to take into consideration. These variables include the size, breed, and age of the pet. In addition, some breeds of dogs being prone to develop lesions. In most cases these lesions are benign; however, there are some situations where lesions can be cancerous. In dogs, malignant tumors grow quickly and require immediate treatment. Sometimes surgical intervention is necessary. The only way to determine if a growth is malignant is for a biopsy to be performed to remove the growth, then it has to be analyzed by a pathologist to make a determination.

Dogs and cats that have chronic diseases like leukemia, hypertension, cardiac disease, and diabetes require more examinations throughout the year than healthier pets. Chronic diseases in animals need to be treated the same way chronic diseases are treated in humans. For example, if a pet is on medication for diabetes or hypertension, there are certain lab tests that must be conducted every 3 or 4 months to ensure that their kidney function is normal and there is no further evidence the condition is worsening.

Plan a Veterinary Visit Today!

Here at Oakbrook Animal Hospital in Gardner, we are dedicated to making sure that pets and their parents are able to spend many happy years together. We provide full comprehensive exams here in our clinic. We also provide comprehensive dental exams and cleanings. To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule your pet for an annual exam, grooming session or dental screening, give our office a call at 913-543-4248 to schedule an appointment today.


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